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Addon courses

VALUE ADDED COURSE MACHINE INTELLIGENCE Holy Grace Academy of Engineering is the first Engineering College in Kerala to introduce Microsoft training platform in the campus, which enables the students to become a Microsoft certified Engineer. Holy Grace is the official in-campus research hub of ‘Machine Intelligence Research Labs’ (MIR) in India as well. MIR Labs is based in USA and are global experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS). After successful completion of the courses offered by MIR labs, students can pursue their higher studies (MS/PhD/PDF) in foreign Universities with 100% scholarship. ROBOTICS The College also provides B.Tech regular certification. The in-campus Robotic Incubation Lab with certification programmes is also offered here. The in-campus industry incubation facilities for B.Tech students are also going on in parallel with other academic programmes. AVODHA Avodha – India’s Largest Skills Training Platform Educational institution in Kerala. Avodha has one mission. To teach job oriented courses in every language in the world

Civil Engineering

Code : CE
Number of Seats : 60

Mechanical Engineering

Code : ME
Number of Seats : 30

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Code : EEE
Number of Seats : 30

Electronics and Communication

Code : EC
Number of Seats : 30

Computer Science & Engineering

Code : CSE
Number of Seats : 60

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