CEAG is one of the active civil engineering association at Holy Grace Academy Of Engineering.CEAG stands for Civil Engineering Association of Graceans. The association was formed on 26th June 2013.Executive members were elected among the students. Meetings were conducted every week to plan various activities by the elected executive members.CEAG was inaugurated by Mr.AMBADY KRISHNAN MENON,Builder and member of IGBC and Mr.ADARSH ,Council of cochin chapter. An official logo for the association was also launched on the same day. As part of the association inauguration an expo was also conducted in the collage. It includes models of various famous civil engineering structures. Under the association, various site visits and technical talks were conducted in order to give more technical as well as practical knowledge to the students. Every year association day is celebrated with various activities like quiz,seminars,tech fests etc.It gives the students an open space to acquire new ideas and to know about new inventions and technologies. Seminars and technical talks were conducted by eminent personalities on various topics like Anchoring and Rebarring technologies, Interior design,Vasthu,Water treatment etc.Various site visits were conducted to Kochi Metro,Peechi dam,Idukki dam,Vayanthala water treatment plant,Peringalkuth tunnel construction, Kuthiran tunnel construction etc.