To evaluate students about the contents of the anti ragging act and advise them not to involve in the incidents of ragging, Makes numerous checks in the campus to prevent any acts of ragging, conduct Anti Ragging and anti drugs talks by advocates from Legal Service,Thrissur to inform the students about the severity of consequences and punishment likely to be imposed as per the act. Anti Ragging affidavit is filled by all students and parents, All prepares and exhibit Charts and banners to make seriousness among students and actions to be taken in case of any ragging incident occurs inside and outside the campus.

The Committee consists of:

Dr. R.A Jaikumar         Principal

Ms. Prabitha         Asst.Prof. Civil

Mr.Raveendran        Lab. Supervisor

Mr.Rahul Raman        Final yr. student S7 EC

Ms. Zehneena P.N.        First yr. student S1 CS

Mr. Pradeep         Sub. Inspector of Police

Mr. Rajeev        Journalist, Kaumudi Daily

Ms. Bindu Babu        Ward Member Mala Panchyath

Mr.Anto Jacob        PTA President

Anti Ragging Squad

The squad members are requested to be vigilant and active at all times to the extent that they should report to the Anti-Ragging Committee if any incidents/attempts of ragging are noticed in the college campus and hostel.

Mr.Dheeraj         Asst. Prof

Mr. Edu Krishnan         Asst. Prof. (Hostel inmate)

Ms. Akhila        Asst. Prof. (Hostel inmate)

Mr. Krishnakumar        Hostel Warden

Ms. Saritha Karat        Asst. Prof.(Hostel inmate)

Ms. Kochurani        Hostel Warden

Mr. Raveendran        Lab. Supervisor